Bored = Bad News

I am bored... not that I don't have 40000000 things to do..... BUT I'm not in the mood.... and for some odd reason when I'm bored, I become hungry.... Can anyone figure that one out.... Right now I am trying not to eat useless junk that I don't even want but since I am bored and it is there it looks good.... The Chewy Sweet Tarts already got me, I will not give into the popcorn and nutrigrain bars..... Funniest thing is that they're not even bad for me...but I will be mad later when I don't have the points for something waaaay more delish... like ice cream and of course my newest addiction....teddy grahams and funfetti icing...... What a mess! hahaha

K, thanks for letting me get that out.... I can go back to work now :)
Have a great day!


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