Yum to the Um...

I was trying to think of new low point fun lunch ideas, so I googled 2 point lunches and I found this great site! http://weight-watchers-points-recipes.blogspot.com/ I will def. add this to a link on the WW websites that I use everyday section of my blog. I am craving the Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps... 2 for 3 points!!!
I just might have to whip them up! Anyway it is a great site, it has meal and snack ideas from 0 points all the way up to 8 points along with everything being classified into app, meal, dessert, etc.

Just found these too, Black Bean Brownies (2 pts).... sound interesting... all of the reviews were good.. I think I'll have to try! I think it's funny that a couple people say that if they can try the recipe out on the husband and he doesn't notice then it's good stuff! Hahaha...so true... damn picky men!

Cute site! Hope that you enjoy!

Monday's food:
Week 12
Gained 1.1
Yogurt 1
Arnolds 1
Laughing cow 1
chicken bake (leftover from dinner) 6
arnolds 1
laughing cow 1
taco salad 9
cheese curls (6 of those buggers) 1
WW ice cream cookies and cream ice cream bar 2
FF cool whip 1
Total: 24
Over: 3
Bonus left: 32
Water: 88 ounces
Activity: walked dog 20 mins


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