OMG...can this holiday break please end! :)

Okay..... so the past few days have been nothing but an eating festival (not that I'm complaining)!! Wait until you get a load of my last few days of eating.... It is just too hard at the holidays. Not that I think I am eating anywhere close to what damage I could have done in years past, but it doesn't take much pie, cake, cookies and candy to get to your point limit for the day....and that is by around 10 am! haha... but anyway, I hope that you are enjoying your holiday as much as I have been! Back to business tomorrow, but for today Bon Appetit!

Soft pretzel 6
arnolds 1
ham and cheese 3
bite of Jordan's sand 2
wheat thins 2
laughing cow 1
candy 1
taco salad 9
WW ice cream 2
grapes 1
Total: 28
Over 7
Water: 88
Bonus left: 6

Saturday (Catastophe! LOL)
Arnolds 1
Laughing cow 1
Arnolds 1
ham 2
cheese 2
Reduced Ruffles 3
apple cake 12 (12 flippin points in one slice! wish I knew before I ate, but it was fab!)
1/2 Mozz ball in phyllo 2
meatball 4
sausage 4
pasta 2
sauce 3
Bread 2
Apple Pie 9 (probably should have skipped after I had the cake already! LOL)
Trifle 3
Total: 51
Over: 30
Happy Easter to me! hahah


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