Zoobilee Zoo

I haven't been feeling great for the past couple of days. It was the weirdest sickness. Started with the boyfriend at the beginning of the week and then I got it in the middle. It was so hard to explain, it was a gross achey, sick to my stomach feeling. No headache, sore throat, runny nose, vomitting, fever... just achey, achey, might get sick at some point feeling. Not fun at all!

However, we still managed to go to the Philadelphia Zoo yesterday, it was such a beautiful day! I forgot how much fun going to the zoo can be. It really makes you feel like a kid again and it's nice to take some time to appreciate the little joys of life. My little friend is still too young to fully understand and enjoy the animals, but he sure did love to get down and run around and around and around! He learned a new word yesterday, tur-tle, it was too cute. We spent the day with the boyfriends brother and sister-in-law and their two peanuts. It was a really nice day, I'm so glad that we ended up going. For a couple of hours, I actually forgot how yucky I felt!

Anyway, I also didn't realize what great exercise the zoo is, until on the way out, the sister-in-law asked me, "How many activity points was it for all that walking?" and I said, "I'm not sure, never looked into activity points..." So with that being said, I figured that I should look into them. I tried at one point but it was confusing, so I decided to check again. What I found out was actually exciting, so I wanted to share.

It doesn't seem that you need to do ALOT of extra work to gain an activity point or two. It is based on the intensity of the workout, your weight and the duration. There is a formula that calculates how many points you earned. From just walking around the zoo with the stroller and going up hills (light activity) for 120 minutes (2 hours) at my weight, I gained 4 activity points! Pretty cool :) I posted the link to the calculator:



Yesterday's Food:
Toast 3
Arnolds 1
cheese 4
turkey 3
ff sour cream dip 1
open-faced turkey sandwich 5
mashed pot 3
veggies 0
ww ice cream bar 2
icing 2
Total: 24
Over: 3
Bonus Left: 13
Water: 56 ounces
Activity: walking around zoo :)


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