My friend went to Ridley Creek today to run/walk the 5 mile trail...this inspired me to get my rear up and run/walk the trail as well. She runs almost all of the trail..b/c of that I was able to push myself to run 1/2 of it :) Woo Hoo...way to go!!! Well anyway....

This brings me to my thought for the day: Competition.... it's such a jeckal/hyde type of feeling. It is such a wonderful, positive motivator to do good things, get in shape, work out, push yourself, do your best at work, be creative, outgoing, etc.... BUT it also can turn pretty ugly as well....when does it take that turn from bringing out the best to unleashing the worst?????

When I started to run, I told myself to just take it slow and steady and focus on breathing, the weather, what I'm going to do today, the song on my ipod, ANYTHING other then the time and what mile marker I am on. This was working... I kept using internal positive motivation, "You can do this", "you are doing this", "stay at your pace", "slow and steady"... Things were going pretty well :)

Well just as life was peachy and things were smooth sailing... I ran past two girls running in the opposite direction as I was and they were cute, young and in shape.... but then I thought whatever, good for them, Kelly, just stick to the pace and you can do this.... however they turned around at some point and then this brings me back to my thoughts of competition, as they ran past me it made me pick up my pace and focus on "sticking" with them, I had to remind myself of the "slow and steady" rule... so as I slowed myself back to my pace, they stopped running and began to WALK! so with that my anxiousness, competitiveness and pushing myself to keel over due to lack of oxygen to my lungs went away and I sailed right past them :) UNTIL they began to run again... hahaha...

Happy Sunday!!

Friday's Food
Arnolds 1
Laughing cow 1
smart one 2
pudding 1
snacks 10
cocktails 13
and some other stuff. I can't remember and I lost my list where I wrote it down :( Oh well..
Bonus left: 16

arnolds 1
laughing cow 1
chips 1
water ice 5
wendys chix nuggets kids meal 11
chips 3
cheese stick 1
goldfish 1
pasta 3
sauce 1
salad 2
crabcake 2
ww ice cream 2
teddy grahams 3
Total: 37
Bonus left: 0
Water: 88
Activity: walked to and from t ball game :)


hmdavish said…
Omg!!!!! That's hysterical and so true! Great job! Way to go, I'm so proud of you! I knew you could do it!!!!
Lil's Big Momma said…
I would have tripped the skinny biotches!!!

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