Weight Loss Plateau

I have been b/n 142 and 143 for the past month now and I am wondering if I hit a weight loss slump... so I looked it up and found some info.... Here are some suggestions for getting over the hill and I wanted to share :)


I liked this suggestion:
12. Try varying your number of points
Do you always eat at a certain number of points per day? Your body gets very efficient at predicting its intake and adjusts itself accordingly. Keep it guessing. Try mixing up the number of points you have...low one day, middle the next, back to low, then high end of your points.

4 things that I will do differently this week:
a.) Have egg whites and cheese with my arnolds and laughing cow for bfast instead of a yogurt
b.) exercise
c.) vary my daily point intake (ex. Monday 19, Tuesday 25, Wednesday 22, etc.)
d.) count out chip serving size and only have once or twice this week instead of everyday! haha

What are you going to try?????


Lil's Big Momma said…
This will be the last time I mention this for a few days, but if you would like to change things up and quick to DQ might get your motor running...

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