Where do you go from your goal???

So funny... I just saw this question posted on the blog http://www.ronisweigh.com/ that I read everyday and recently I have been thinking the same thing....

Hi Roni! My question is about maintaining… I have very similar stats to you.. I am 26 years old. I started at 213 lbs over a year ago and now i am at about 141-143, on any given day (you know how that goes) anyway… now that i have moved into maintenance mode- I find it difficult getting out of the weight-loss mindset. I have done well making adjustments like cutting out artificial sweeteners and opting for the higher calorie more natural versions of foods and also eating several smalls meals per day instead of restricting myself like i was before. My point is.. I could wake up every day this week and see 142 on that scale and be "sort of" disappointed that i didn’t lose weight.. even though i don’t want to lose any more weight!! I’m happy at this weight! How can i get my brain to accept that i am doing things the right way and its working! I guess my question is.. Why is it so hard to get into a healthy mind frame around maintaining weight. Thank! -Casey-

I'm not at my goal weight yet, however I wonder what happens when you do reach it. My whole life I have dieted and fought with food (not that I ever was "heavy" persay but def always had those 20-25 pounds that I wanted to lose. With that being said, that entertained my brain daily on the issues of my body, diet, exercise, and my weight flip-flopping up and down along with everything else that goes with weight and being a girl... So if I finally lose them, then where do I go from there???? I agree with the person who posed the question saying that she feels disappointment when she doesn't lose anymore. How do you swap out of the weight loss mode to just being content and accepting that this is your new life. You will never (hopefully) go back to eating the way that you used to (which is def. sad to me, can't help it haha) and realize that you are just maintaining and living as your new healthy you. That seems so odd to me and soooo difficult to grasp. What are your thoughts on that???


Yesterday's food:
arnolds 1
laughing cow 1
ygourt 1
shrimp 3
veggies 0
jelly beans 1
candy 2
chips 5 (baked herr's sour cream and onion...so good...13 for 2 pts. I went nuts!)
Scalloped potatoes 4
crabcake 3.5
veggies 0
angel food 2
ww ice cream 2
Total: 25.5
Over: 4.5
Bonus left 15.5
water: 88 ounces


Lil's Big Momma said…
at this time I do not have any thoughts on this topic as I am very far from my goal weight... my advice would be to start incorporating more ice cream into your diet...

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