Not soooo bad...

So after my holiday week, I gained .2. However, I feel like I gained more... but anyway, enough of that! I hate that sometimes, well alot of the time this diet stuff, weight, what to eat, how I feel, what I should do, shouldn't have done... consumes me! It is so hard not to focus on it, but I can't help it!! I was thinking yesterday that I am going to continue the "dieting" part of this until May 1st, but then as of May 1st, I'm going to encorporate some daily exercise into my life. By then it should be consistently warm outside! There is a track near my house that I will go to and also a beautiful 5 mile hike about 15 minutes from my house, Ridley Creek State Park. I attached the link in case you would like to check out for yourself!

So I go back to work tomorrow, not looking forward to that at all. BUT I cannot complain, due to the fact that I am a teacher and we have 8 weeks left!!! Yup, 8 weeks :) I'm sure all of you Mom's out there, just went 8 weeks, that's it! But yes, that is it! Woo hoo :) So with that being said, I can now smile and get myself together to go back tomorrow. It will be tough, but def. is do-able.... well with that being said, I am going to enjoy my last day off :)

Easter Points:
Egg Whites Cheese 2
Potato Salad (Mom's homemade!! YUMMM) 6
Pasta Salad 1
Chips 1
Cheese 1
Cereal 3
Pudding 1
Ravioli 2
Meatball 2
Soup 2
Fruit 1
Green Beans 1
Total: 24
Over: 2


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