Getting Started

So a few people have asked me recently well how do I start, what do I do, so I've decided to explain the process and re-post my websites that I use. Here you go:

1.) Use to figure out how many points you are allowed to have daily
2.) You also get an additional 35 points to use throughout the week. However you cannot carry over your daily points.
3.) WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN! A good quote to follow is "You bite it, you write it!" Carry your food journal wherever you go!
4.) Make sure that you measure all of your food , count out serving size amounts and invest in a food scale. I bought one for $5.00 at target.
5.) Tip: Pick foods higher in fiber, they are lower in points.
6.) Use these websites to calculate points and start writing and adding and that's about all there is to it! (Add them to your favorites!)

Generic Food List:
Points for Restaurants:
WW point calculator: (I use this website when I am reading off of the label for foods. It is VERY helpful!!)

Good Luck! It might seem overwhelming at first, but after the first week, it gets easier and easier... Plus, when you see the results it makes it all worth it!

Remember nothing is off limits which makes this very easy to stick with. This healthier eating way of life focuses on foods with fiber and portion size. It really is a healthy way of eating without giving up any of your favorite foods!

If you have any questions, let me know!! You can do it!


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Are they your real feet, or did you hire a foot model???

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